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No matter whether you are an experienced reseller or a beginner, Tuned Notify is the ultimate tool for you. To maximise your profits, we provide you with the personalised support, guidance and information, going above and beyond our competition.
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Be notified of restocks and shock drops before anybody else with the best custom monitors in the game.
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Sourced directly from retailers, know exactly where and when profitable drops are happening.
Be notified of restocks and shock drops before anybody else with the best custom monitors in the game.
Become a master at bulk buying. Have no doubt about what to hold to ensure you’re sitting on the most sought after sneakers.
Gaming consoles, collectibles & even Teslas. Flip items that the competition has no idea about.
A community of hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs, if you want to be the best you need to be around the best.
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Frequently Asked   Questions 
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What is Tuned Notify?

Tuned Notify is the ultimate discord sneaker community providing the latest information related to reselling sneakers, electronics, collectibles & anything in between. Between the exclusive info, tools & guides, Tuned Notify is a community of over 500 like-minded entrepreneurs, networking, building friendships, & helping each other succeed.

How does 'reselling' work?

Using our tools & exclusive info, combined with decades of shared experience, we provide you with the ultimate edge to secure rare & coveted items for retail or below. Due to the nature of these products, the demand & hard to get nature makes them profitable.

Do you need a sneaker bot to buy the sneakers posted in Tuned Notify?

A bot is NOT required to utilise Tuned Notify! In fact the majority of our members use nothing more than their device & are manual-only users. We also have a team of members who are experienced botters offering their services to the community without ever having to touch a bot.

Is there any lock-in for my membership?

There is no lock-in obligation to Tuned Notify. Your membership can be canceled anytime on our dashboard.

How will I benefit from being in Tuned Notify?

Being in Tuned Notify grants you access to exclusive information, tools & guides to help you be the ultimate reseller, giving you the edge over the competition. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned veteran to reselling, Tuned Notify goes above & beyond the competition to help you succeed. We have helped hundreds of individuals like yourself go from complete beginners, to running their own 6 figure business.

How much does a membership cost?

$45 AUD per month automatically reoccurring membership. Your membership price will never change for the life of that membership.

Is my payment details & info safe?

We use Stripe to process the automatically reoccurring membership to Tuned Notify. Stripe is the #1 online payment processor, it is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. We use the best-in class security tools & practises to maintain your information.

What device & software do I need to access Tuned Notify?

Tuned Notify utilises Discord which is accessible on any computer or phone & is a free application available on the google play/app store & online.